Personal Finance for Kids

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Personal Finance for Kids

The NFEC’s personal finance for kid’s curriculum not only is fun and engaging; it also meets core educational standards. Designed to motivate participants to take positive action, the lesson plans use practical, hands-on learning to let students reap the benefits of forming positive monetary habits at a young age.

From birth, children are inundated with messages from advertisers to “buy, buy, buy!” According to the American Academy of Pediatrics a typical kid is exposed to more than one million advertisements by the time they reach age 21. To counteract the conditioning to spend and give children good money management knowledge, teaching kids personal finance lessons becomes essential.

The National Financial Educators Council comprehensive curriculum lays a foundation for building positive personal finance habits. The NFEC combines project-based learning, hands-on activities, songs, rebus stories, and interactive lesson plans to teach personal finance in a fun, engaging format.

Bottom line: Financial habits are formed early. We should begin teaching kids lessons about personal finances when they’re very young. If we present kids with practical lessons in formats to which they can easily relate, we’ll establish an educational foundation that supports continued financial education training as they mature.

Visit the main financial literacy curriculum page to learn more about the lesson plans and access a complimentary workshop package.