It seems simple – to help people with their personal finances provide them with a quality education. But there’s much more to it.

Designing a financial wellness program that creates measurable increases in financial capabilities while supporting your organizational objectives takes expert design and execution.

Full Service Financial Wellness Program

Until recently, if you wanted to make a real impact on the financial capabilities of those you serve, you’ve encountered significant barriers. New advancements now give organizations ways to bring professional-level financial wellness program to their organization or community.

Having served several thousand organizations over the last decade, we have proven systems that provide you with educational-grade content, positive user experience, and a team of experts working for you.

Our Mission as an Organization Includes Providing:

Common Challenges

To make a measurable impact on a person’s financial capabilities – many programs fall short. The current reality is that most financial education programs:

Lack measurement systems and evidence that the programming works.

Don’t generate interest and suffer from low participation rates.

Use materials not in alignment with best practice guidelines and current standards.

Lack sustainable models, which results in short-lived initiatives.

Provide a random mixture of resources with low brand quality.

Suffer from poor overall campaign design and lack expertise for implementation.

When locating a financial education service provider, your reputation is on the line. You will find many financial literacy salespeople who push a single solution. These options do little to address your organization’s unique needs.

Best Practice & Processes

There are recognized best practices for developing, promoting, and sustaining a financial wellness program. The NFEC has devoted a decade into researching, designing, and testing programming. Now a recognized thought leader in the space, we are bringing the resources and materials we’ve used to serve organizations around the globe to you.

Our process is different than others that simply sell you a financial education product as ‘the’ solution. With more than 80 financial literacy assets, the NFEC takes time to understand your needs; then creates a unique programming mix designed to meet your specific objectives. Some of our clients include:

4 Phases to a Purposefully Design Programming Mix





Program Design Process

One-size-fits-all financial literacy products / programs do not work for most organizations. Each group has unique educational, organizational, and philanthropic objectives that require experienced professionals to deploy specialized solutions.

Among the vast array of financial literacy programs that have cropped up over the past decade, few deliver results. Much of these programs’ failure is rooted in a lack of financial education expertise to guide initial program planning and design.

NFEC consultants are among the most experienced in the space, having served thousands of organizations over the last decade. They take the time to understand your needs, clearly define program objectives, and design a customized program to best meet your larger objectives.


Successful financial wellness programs balance end user and organizational goals. Understanding the needs of all parties helps ensure that a program benefits all stakeholders. During the ‘discovery’ phase, our team uncovers your unique goals – this lays the foundation for clearly-defined programming objectives and custom program design.

  • Participants. The needs of the target audience to be reached by the campaign are uncovered.
  • Organization. The right questions are asked of key stakeholders to help guide the overall initiative design.
  • Feasibility. Consultants assess the feasibility of your vision, given the available monetary and personnel resources.
  • Scale. Discover growth plans to ensure that the initial rollout aligns with longer-term goals.


Financial literacy programs that do not clearly define quantifiable measures of success in advance of development lack structure and are likely to deliver subpar results. The ‘define’ phase provides the measures that will provide the overall blueprints for the campaign and barometers of the program’s impact.

Our consultants develop measures to provide empirical evidence of the program’s impact toward achieving your organizational objectives. The data gathered through these measurements provide empirical data by which program success can be judged. We work with your team to define:

Financial literacy programs development

Each program has data points we can measure to help us assess program impact.

Teacher leading financial literacy program

Key barometers are established to empirically measure your organizational objectives. These measures vary widely from organization to organization, but our experts help you determine the best methods of gathering data specific to your needs. This can include:

Financial Literacy Programs

We review your current philanthropic initiatives and establish measures aligned with new or expanded financial wellness programming.


Programs designed by qualified experts are built with purpose. All the campaign components work together to promote financial literacy and to further your business objectives. In well-designed programs, the flow of information and built-in promotional components lead to greater overall campaign results.

Solution Report

After completion of the design process, the NFEC provides a comprehensive report that outlines the details of your custom program. Once approved, this report serves as the basis for all future steps.

Launch Preparation

During the preparation phase, your campaign director will finalize the actual training, customize promotional materials, train key stakeholders, and obtain approval from your organization. This phase will last up until the actual announcement to the end users.

Management Options & Platform

The NFEC offers various management options for those who need on or off-site support. Common services provided include program direction, data-gathering services, promotional aspect management, project grading, progress reporting, personal consultation, and other aspects our team of experts can handle for you.

Dedicated Campaign Director

Your initiative is organized and led by an experienced campaign director assigned to manage your campaign and ensure that the initiative meets stated goals. Directors are responsible for communication, managing promotions, beneficiary support, and all aspects of the campaign you would like us to manage.

Project Management Platform

The project is managed on a platform that provides you real-time information on deliverables, timelines, campaign status, tasks, promotion calendar, and other aspects. All stakeholders are informed about all updates, and status can be viewed on the interactive Gantt chart.

financial wellness platform

Educational Mix Development & Brand Customization

Aligning educational materials and mix with the learning objectives forms a cornerstone of any financial education initiative. To start the education development process, the NFEC matches the learning outcomes from our inventory of over 400 hours of financial education assets. For those organizations with unique lesson needs, our curriculum design team will create custom resources for you.

A few options are listed below. Hybrid solutions that include pieces of all or some of these methods are most popular.

Live Presentation Resources: In-person or Webinars

The NFEC financial literacy curriculum and presentations are engaging and fun, yet also meet core educational standards. Materials are available for all ages – kids through adults. The programming has been widely recognized for its ability to connect with students and inspire participants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial action.

Kids through Adults

Engaging Activities

Connect & Inspire

Decade in The Making

Technology-based Learning: eLearning & Mobile Platforms

The NFEC’s technology assets leverage best practices in eLearning and vivid design to create a unique learning experience where participants start to take action toward building a sound financial foundation. Participants complete real-world activities and all aspects are measured. Flexible design accommodates a variety of schedules and learning outcomes, and provides blended learning options.

Vivid Design

Real-world Activities

Full Measurement Records

Flexible Design

One-on-one Consultations & Accountability Programs

Let experienced and highly-qualified consultants work with those you serve in a personal setting conducted by live stream, phone, or in-person visits. Consultants can answer specific questions or guide the learning process. For those looking for personalized lessons and accountability, this support provides the most customizable option for the individual learner.

Highly Qualified Consultants

Strategic Guidance

Personalization Assistance

In-Person or Digitally

Interactive Experiences, Contests & Gamified Learning

Including interactive experiences, challenges, and contests adds a gamification element to financial education programming that can enhance the learning experience. Although most popular with youth programming there are ways to includes this for select adult populations. From financial scavenger hunts to employee education contests and character-based events for kids – the NFEC provides options for you.


Enhanced Learning Experience

Kids through Adults

Multiple Options

Branding Options

The NFEC offers you a variety of customized branding options to ensure that your organization’s messaging is communicated in alignment with your objectives. View the branding options below.

Presentation Material Branding

View Full Specs & Example

financail wellness program materials

Online Learning Center Branding

View Full Specs & Example

students participating in financial wellness program

Delivery Options

Your program can be delivered by our team or yours. You have access to our team of instructors, or we can train your staff to lead the education.

NFEC Delivery

NFEC Trainers, Consultants, Talent & Speakers

The NFEC provides access to a wide variety of personal finance experts and advocates. We match your organization with the education team member who best suits your needs. From workshop leaders to celebrity keynote speakers – our relationships come from a variety of backgrounds; yet they share a common passion for teaching personal finance. Having local talent gives you increased access to qualified experts.

Your Team Delivery

Educator Training for Staff-Led Training

For those organizations seeking to participate in the education, the NFEC can train your staff and provide all the tools needed to host live training events. The Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework is the gold standard to prepare individuals for teaching personal finance. This professional development training for the person(s) teaching the materials will ensure that the instructor is confident and qualified to teach the subject matter.

Final Preparation Options

Stakeholder Initiative Preparation & Compliance Approval

To ensure that all stakeholders are prepared for the financial wellness program, training is necessary. The consequences of having unprepared personnel present the materials range from poor user experience to confused messaging and frustrated stakeholders. The NFEC ensures that your team is ready and prepared to communicate the financial education programming with the end user, and are well-trained regarding the areas important to your organization’s objectives.

During this phase, the NFEC works with your compliance department to ensure that approved materials are delivered. Having served the financial industry for a decade, we have materials that will be approved. They have been reviewed by hundreds of compliance officers and FINRA, and will pass your compliance guidelines.

Marketing & Communication Resources

Successful programs include professional marketing resources and correspondences that promote the initiative, increase participation rates, and raise awareness. The NFEC provides a complete selection of marketing designs, copy, and resources that can be customized to your needs.

Program Implementation

Now that your program is designed and prepared to launch, it’s time to announce this initiative to your end users and implement the program.

During the implementation phase, we will launch the program and the actual educational components will be conducted. Throughout this process the NFEC will be gathering data and measurements needed for the post-programming phase.

Launch Options

Program launches are a great way to generate momentum and encourage participation in your financial education program. Deciding how to promote, what messaging to include, and the overall event structure are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to announcing your initiative.

The NFEC provides the resources and personnel needed to give you confidence as the event date approaches, and ensures that the event leaves participants excited about your initiative.

  • Launch events are customized to best suit the needs of your organization and the audience.
  • Formal program announcements and other methods to let your audience know about your financial education programming.
  • Media announcements and marketing efforts to attract outside parties to participate.

Financial Wellness Program Measurements

Ongoing management of the educational components of the initiative and measurements conducted at set intervals help increase the program’s impact. Depending on the length and scope of your campaign, the NFEC conducts these measures:

Participant Testing & Survey Measures

The NFEC has a test bank of thousands of questions that can be customized to your program. A variety of surveys and wellness indicators are also available. The NFEC’s Wellness Indicator measures:

  • Current Situation Assessment – Facts of their financial situation.
  • Financial Sentiment – Measures feelings & attitudes related to money.
  • Willingness to Adopt Positive Financial Behaviors – Measures willingness to modify behaviors.
  • Content Knowledge – Measures their current personal finance proficiencies.
  • Overall Wellness Score – Combination of select other measurements based on target audience.

Participant Behavior Adoption Measures

The NFEC has a test bank of thousands of questions that can be customized to your program. A variety of surveys and wellness indicators are also available. The NFEC’s Wellness Indicator measures:

  • Savings Measures – Savings or retirement account measures over time.
  • Debt Load – Debt balances and payoff rate.
  • Credit Score Results – Credit score trend over time.