Financial Literacy Advocacy

The NFEC team is made up of passionate advocates who find ways to effectively promote financial wellness. Our financial literacy advocacy campaigns successfully raise mainstream awareness, recognize financial education advocates, and promote financial literacy.

NFEC CEO, Vince Shorb states, “Financial illiteracy contributes to a wide range of problems people face today – those championing the movement to encourage financial wellness are needed advocates in their community.”

We commend you for your desire to promote financial literacy and invite you to become an active participant to further our shared cause. Thanks to the efforts of supporters like you, we will positively affect the lives of the people we reach with this message.

Financial Educators Day

A Day to Recognize Financial Educators

Financial Educators Day recognizes those individuals who are working to improve the financial capabilities of people in their communities. While taking the opportunity to recognize traditional educators, we also extend our thanks to volunteers, financial professionals, concerned citizens, and others who teach financial literacy. All these individuals are invaluable to the effort.

Financial Educators Day takes place the last Friday of April each year. In 2017 the event is scheduled for April 28 (see below for a 10-year schedule). Initial support from politicians, celebrities, and organizations in the financial literacy industry have transformed the last Friday of each April into a day of recognition, celebration, and advocacy.

The NFEC has honored several hundred educators from over 44 states and 14 countries. These awards serve as public recognition for their efforts and contributions to the financial literacy movement.

Cash for Candy

Financial Literacy Promotions via media

#CashForCandy Halloween Promotion

To address the financial illiteracy epidemic and improve wellness, the National Financial Educators Council developed the #CashForCandy campaign. This campaign raises awareness about the importance of molding healthy dietary and financial habits.

This campaign offers two solutions for people who desire to contribute to the heath, financial security, and education of our nation’s young people. Parents are encouraged to exchange cash for the candy they collect, and use the opportunity to start teaching kids money management lessons. Treat-givers are encouraged to substitute cash for candy. The NFEC also provides handouts for parents and treat-givers to help guide children toward positive financial behaviors.

In its inaugural year, this campaign was featured as the main story on CBS Marketwatch, front page MSN News, and as a Wall Street Journal feature and podcast, and also was picked up by many other media outlets.

Public Service Announcements

Financial literacy advoccy PSA

Featured PSAs

The NFEC is committed to raising mainstream awareness about the importance of financial literacy. Public Service Announcements help us garner media coverage and give our stakeholders discounted media buys.

“The Talk” Financial Literacy PSA campaign is designed to elicit an emotional response that encourages parents to talk with their kids about money. The campaign goal is to inspire them to have “The Talk” with their kids, sharing money skills that can help young people avoid financial stress and worry and achieve financial security. This campaign was featured in TIME.

The NFEC also writes and produces PSAs for various stakeholders:


FLEC promotions for finanical literacy

FLEC (Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Career Education)

FLEC subjects have a direct impact on the future financial security of our nation’s youth. Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Career Education are directly related to young people’s ability to earn and manage their money; yet they are missing from most school curricula.

The National Financial Educators Council has formed the FLEC alliance to promote financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education in schools. The FLEC Alliance provides resources for those who teach these subjects while raising awareness about the vital role such education has on the financial well-being of individuals and communities across the country.

Goals of the alliance are to make FLEC education a national priority and promote this agenda so future generations become financially prepared for life.

Petitions, Legislative & Financial Literacy Advocacy Efforts

Financial Education Legislation & Petitions

The NFEC continues to expand its efforts to promote legislation that increases access to financial literacy education. We conduct this advocacy by mobilizing supporters and contributing to legislation that encourages financial wellness.

In 2013, the NFEC teamed up with Sharon Lecture to support the passage of Arizona SB1449 – a bill that requires financial literacy concepts to be permanently incorporated into economics standards and creates a separate statute for those concepts.

Currently the NFEC has drafted legislation called the College Student Protection and Financial Education Act to enlist politicians in the effort to proactively address the national college debt crisis. This legislation proposes a preventive model similar to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, which requires people to receive budget counseling before they can file bankruptcy and financial education after they file.

Financial Education Instructor of the Year

Each year the National Financial Educators Council selects an educator who represents the best practices in financial education to receive the Financial Education Instructor of the Year award. The Financial Education Instructor of the Year award was created to highlight the work of people who are making a lasting difference in the lives of the students they reach.

Past Recipients:

Maria Riofrio

Sonya Anderson

Ben Joergens