Financial Coach Certification: Certified Personal Finance Consultant (CPFC)

The Certified Personal Finance Consultant (CPFC) financial coach certification program helps individuals acquire the expertise, credibility, and self-assurance they need to be competent financial coaches. Graduation from the NFEC’s certification program demonstrates that you are qualified to help people improve their finances and increases your credibility as a financial coach.

Because each person has his or her own pre-existing financial habits, relationship with money, and current financial situation, working with people as a financial coach requires specialized expertise. To help you build the skills you need and gain coaching experience, the CPFC financial coach certification program was developed to achieve better results among clients who participate in your coaching service.

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Competency Level Goals of the CPFC Program

Certified Personal Finance Consultants have demonstrated their competencies and have systems in place to support their clients’ efforts to strengthen their financial situations. Graduates of this program can participate in a variety of activities that help move their individual clients and overall communities toward financial wellness.

The CPFC training meets standards for the highest academic rigor, while providing practical guidance and implementation activities to help you practice the coaching process. Graduates possess the skills and knowledge they need to support their clients’ goals.

The CPFC course requires successful completion of a proctored exam after approximately 180 hours of training and practice (18 Continuing Education Units – CEU). You may test out of some parts of the training.

By the time you graduate from the program, you will have demonstrated that you have reached an advanced state of competency as a financial coach. We continue to support you after you graduate to become an expert and recognized authority in the financial coaching space.

We use the National Institute of Health Competencies Proficiency Scale to measure one’s ability to demonstrate competency as a financial coach. Learn More.

CPFC Course Topics

The Certified Personal Finance Consultant training was designed to help you build skills and systems to become a financial coach with maximum impact. The topics covered range from personal finance content to psychological and coaching principles. You will participate in active virtual training and develop your coaching skills as you complete the course.

Topic Sections Included in the CPFC Training

  • The Coaching Process: Understanding, Reporting, & Diagnosis
  • The Coaching Process: Guidance & Education
  • The Coaching Process: Maintenance & Support
  • Psychological & Behavioral Finance Aspects of Coaching
  • Financial Coaching & Counseling Strategies
  • Content Knowledge of Personal Finance Topics
  • Instructional Methodologies to Maximize Client Understanding
  • Coaching Standards and Guidelines of Professional Practice

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Gain Coaching Experience

To be an effective coach requires more than just watching a few videos. You must gain the skills you need to coach effectively and practice at applying those skill sets.

You would not want a doctor to operate on you who just read about how to perform surgery; you would want one who has successfully performed that surgery in the past. People want and expect the same from the coaches they are entrusting with their financial futures.

To ensure that you are worthy of your client’s trust, the training includes practice and application of the skills to help you best serve your client. This practice will strengthen your confidence so you make a great impression.

4 Experience Levels Included in CPFC Course

Financial Coaching Standards

The NFEC developed standards for earning the Financial Coach Certification to distinguish coach qualifications and assure potential clients that coaches are held to the highest standards of excellence. These standards are centered around the principle that the coach has primary fiduciary responsibility to the client. More than a dozen authorities regulating the financial literacy industry are cited in the NFEC’s Financial Coaching Standards and Code of Ethics, including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Although the financial coaching industry is not subject to specific regulations, the NFEC has proactively developed its own set of standards to protect both coaches and their clients. These standards include a theory-based teaching framework that ensures the quality and impact of educational programming. The standards also stipulate common language as a method to improve communication; and contain an awareness tool that underscores the ultimate importance of selecting highly-skilled educators.

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Coaching Resources & Processes Integrated Into the Training

The training is designed not only to help you develop the skills to become an effective coach, but also to help you develop coaching processes and gain access to resources that will allow you to coach clients successfully. The training walks you step-by-step through the coaching process, and you get hands-on experience using the resources.

All the resources you need for each stage of the coaching process are built into the training. The activities have you apply what you learn using the same materials you will employ when coaching. You will find this design structure will help you understand the process, gain the skills and apply what you learned as you go through each step of the training.

To help ensure that our coaches are successful and have the resources they need to professionally serve their clients, the CPFC training comes with all the resources, including:

Over 100 Training Videos

Optional Live Weekly Webinars

Course Manuals & Workbooks

Physical Certification Award

In Addition to the Training, All Enrolled Receive Coaching Resources

To help ensure that our coaches are successful and have the resources they need to professionally serve their clients, the CPFC training comes with all the resources, including:

Client Financial Education Resources. Gain access to all NFEC financial education resources (eLearning center, client physical handouts, fillable PDF education resources) that allow you to easily assign lessons based on clients’ needs.

Coaching Software & Client Report System

Coaching Processes & Communications

Forms and Coaching Practice Resources

Client Financial Education Resources

Business Planning, Training, & Resources

Marketing, Promotions, & Client Leads

Packages & Pricing

FAQ Section

We have 3 pricing options. You can view all options at the bottom of the page – click here.
The training is virtual. All you need is an Internet connection and phone. You can choose from among these 3 course schedule options:

  • Option 1: Self-directed. Take the training at your own pace as lessons are released. You will have access to recorded instructor-led webinar trainings too.
  • Option 2: Instructor-led. Join our 14-week live webinar training. Requires an investment of 10 to 15 hours per week to keep pace. You will have access to the full self-directed training as well.
  • Option 3: Hybrid. A combination of self-directed and instructor-led.
The total training time is 180 hours and the fastest you can complete the training is in 14 weeks. Some people may be able to test out